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Nutris® Dehydrator


Have nutritious fruits and vegetables all year round with the Nutris Deshydrateur. It's easy!

Fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants can be dehydrated and still retain a majority of their vitamins and minerals thanks to the temperature selection which adapts to each different type of food.

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Product description


Temperature control for retaining all of the nutritional value of your food, as well as vitamins and minerals.

Creative: endless possibilities for creating snacks, pot pourri, dried fruit, veggie chips...

An easy and healthy solution to preserving nutrients in your favorite foods and enjoying them all year round!

Using the principles of food drying, the Nutris Dehydrator preserves all the nurtrients and flavors of your favorite summer foods, so you can enjoy dried fruits, veggie chips and dishes flavored with herbs and seasonings.

With temperature control and adjustable cooking surface height, Nutris can dehydrate a wide variety of foods of different shapes and sizes while retaining their nutritional value and flavors.

The practical transparent trays let you watch the progress of the dehydration process, and is compact for easy storage.

Nutris® Dehydrator

Technical characteristics

  • Temperature control with 5 positions:
  • 30 ° C flowers
  • 40 ° C herbs and aromatic plants
  • 50 ° C mushrooms
  • 60 ° C diced vegetables
  • 70 ° C fruit and vegetables
  • 5 foldable drying trays
  • Diameter of trays: 32 cm
  • Total drying surface: about 0,4m2
  • Adjustable height trays
  • Vented lid
  • Thermoplastic base
  • Transparent polystyrene trays and lids
  • Puissance : 250 Watts

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de nombreuses possiblités et simple à utiliser.



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