8-person Grill’ Crêpe Raclette Maker


"3 in 1", the Raclette 8 Grill' Crêpes allows you to grill food or make crepes on the white ceramic plate. This coating, produced without toxic agent, is nonstick and highly resistant to scratches. It allows the use of metal utensils and ensures easy cleaning.

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Tray with nonstick ceramic coating more environmentally friendly, easy to clean and more resistant to scratches.

Clever: red power cord for better visibility and a twist.

Savvy: a colored ring to instantly identify your skillet.

"3 in 1" Raclette Grill Pancakes 8 brings gourmet delights together. 

This raclette for 8 people has a shelf with ceramic coating for grilling or make delicious crêpes.

An environmentally friendly coating that contains no toxic agent and has the advantage of less CO2 emissions in manufacturing.

This practical nonstick coating is ceramic to better resist scratching and allows the use of metal utensils. Easy to clean, the hotplate is removable and dishwasher-safe.

This multi-purpose device is also clever ... Thus, the colored identification rings on the skillets and red power cord guarantee serenity and security while providing a nice decorative touch.

8-person Grill’ Crêpe Raclette Maker - en

Caractéristiques techniques

  • 3 functions: raclette, grill, crepes
  • On / stop light
  • Aluminum griddle, ceramic coating, dishwasher safe
  • 8 non-stick pans with beech wood handles
  • Colourful identification rings for skillets
  • Thermoplastic base
  • Platinum Stainless
  • Power cord reel under the unit for compact storage
  • Anti-lip pads
  • Wooden spatula for crepes
  • Puissance : 800 Watts

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