Tarti' Gaufres

A technical innovation. At LAGRANGE®, our new waffle maker with interchangeable plates reinterprets the traditional waffle by allowing you to cook a waffle that is smooth on one side which makes you topping a lot easier.

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Product description

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Unique: the spreadable waffle

Patented concept: smooth surface on one side and crispy surface with deep pockets on the other side

Original: 2 big waffles or 6 mini waffles

Spreadable waffles

LAGRANGE presents the spreadable waffle… thanks to its unique and patented concept: the Tarti’Gaufres®! Smooth and crispy surface with extra-deep pockets on one side, and a a smooth surface for spreads on the other side.

A technical innovation to adapt waffle to current trends! Appetizers, deserts, snacks… … the spreadable waffle fits every situation of the day!

Mini or big gaufres

This original and patented waffle maker creates a waffle with extra-deep pockets on one side and a smooth surface on the other side, very convenient to spread jam, marmalades….

With its interchangeables plates, the Tarti’Gaufres® can adapt itself to the number of guests and their choices : 2 big waffles or 6 mini waffles.

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Technical characteristics

  • Solid cast aluminum plates with non-stick coating
  • Safety thermostat and indicator light
  • Two (5.90” x 3.93”) spreadable waffles at a time
  • Multi-function: plates for spreadable mini-waffles (3.93” x 1.92”) and grilled sandwich (5.90” x 3.93”)
  • Clip system for plate attachment
  • Spreader
  • Power: 1000 watts
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Puissance : 1070 Watts

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