General Warranty Conditions

Appliance WarrantyLagrange

Your appliance is under warranty for 2 years
To take advantage of our offer of one extra year of warranty protection, sing up on the Lagrange website ( The warranty includes parts and labor, and covers manufacturing defaults. Excluded from the warranty: deterioration due to misuse or disregard for instructions, and damage from falling.


The legal guarantee by the seller does not exclude the legal guarantee by the manufacturer for defects or hidden defects under Articles 1641 to 1649 of the Civil Code.
In case of breakdown or malfunction, please contact your dealer. In case of technical failure within 8 days of purchase, the devices are exchanged. After this time they are repaired by the Lagrange after sales department. To qualify for this warranty, the user must imperatively present a copy of invoice specifying the date of purchased the device.

Some products benefit from SPECIAL WARRANTY CONDITIONS. For these conditions, refer to the instructions included in the packaging of your product.

spare parts availability period

Pursuant to Article L 111-2 of the Consumer Code, the availability of spare parts we plan for a serviceable product is 5 years from date of manufacture. However, this availability is guaranteed only in the country where the product was purchased.

Shipping fees and Returns

After the first year that benefits from the dealer warranty, you will have to bear the shipping costs back to factory. The redirection will be made at our expense promptly.

Lagrange designs instruction manuals specially designed to guide you in using your products. However if your USER PROBLEMS persist, please contact the Lagrange Consumer Service. ( before sending your appliance to be repaired