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Tips and tricks

Stone Top Grill: Get saucy!

Raclette & Fondue sets

Mayonnaise, bearnaise, aïoli and ketchup...been there, done that! Make a change by adding some unique sauces and dips to your spread: paprika goes great with beef and fish, a little truffle oil or even the famous Lagrange family walnut sauce (a heavily guarded secret!!)

A Brief History of Stone Top Grilling

Raclette & Fondue sets

Prehistoric people have always been used slabs of stone over the campfire to cook that day's catch (grilled Mastadon, anyone?) This system was eventually adapted for the modern world, and caught on as a way to cook without added fats. In 1989, Lagrange debuted their first electric Stone Top Grill. As good for the environment as it is for you: this machine has absolutely zero CO2 emissions!