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Non-stick Crêpes: Flip out!

Raclette & Fondue sets

One simple trick for crêpes that don't stick to the pan: Add a tablespoon of olive oil or butter to your batter. They key to non-stick crêpes is a batter that is thin and liquid. The easiest way to thin out crêpe batter is simple to add more water!

Quality crêpes need quality ingredients!

Raclette & Fondue sets

High-quality products are always a must, but don't forget about using whole milk and smooth flour. You can fight lumps (the enemy of any crêpe batter!) but sifting the flour beforehand. For ideal results, start by mixing your eggs and milk, stirring well. If you are are losing the battle of the lumps, a quick mix with your Lagrange Mix Pro will do the trick!