This elegant model, with beechwood handles, is at home on any table. The light color of the wood gives a natural look and highlights the simplicity of the lines and design.

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Product description


Even heat distribution, burner moulded into the aluminum

Large cooking surface: 43 x 28 cm

Large removable liquid recovery tray with pouring spout

Cooking with the Plancha assures a natural and healthy approach to prepare your food, and makes seasonal grilling a guilt-free experience. Quick heat makes for evenly cooked food, while preserving its natural flavours and nutrients. Veggies, fish  and meats can all be cooked to perfection on the Plancha, letting each guest choose their personal favourites. Always a tasteful  addition to your table setting, the varnished beechwood accents highlight simple and elegant design.

With its aluminum moulded burner, it assures even heat distribution on its large cooking surface to accommodate different meats, veggies and fish, all cooked to perfection!


Technical characteristics

  • Aluminum plancha with non-stick coating (43 x 28 cm)
  • Molded aluminum burner
  • Varnished wooden handles
  • Removable juice tray in stainless steel, with spout
  • Removable connection block with the temperature control knob
  • Natural materials: stainless steel, cast aluminum and varnished wood
  • Bakelite feet
  • Puissance : 2000 Watts

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