Our Commitments

Corporate Social Responsibility is a notion that LAGRANGE believes in.
We support several associations, consciousness-raising actions and educational programs in the Rhône-Alpes region and on the national level. If you too want to help and act for the associations mentioned, don’t hesitate to visit the sites of the organizations to discover them, to make donations and to support their actions. We thank you in advance for your solidarity.

Association Amour sans Frontière

The vision and goal of AFS, a French NGO founded in 1972, is the fight against poverty. Through joint development actions of recognized charitable and humanitarian interest, ASF works in particular to support local initiatives. The projects are always carried out at the request of inhabitants. ASF is active in the fields of heath, teaching, education, and professional training. Its actions range from the building of schools and re-nutrition centers to support for local artisanry and the establishment of tool banks.
For further information, don’t hesitate to discover its actions and projectsand to make a donation.



AFM-Téléthon is an association of parents and patients who are constantly working to overcome genetic and rare diseases and those involving serious disabilities. AFM-Téléthon’s aim is to cure diseases that were long considered incurable through 3 missions: Curing (research and development of innovative therapies), Assisting patients (care, accompaniment, citizenship), Communicating knowledge to families, professionals and the general public. It is also of course a unique popular mobilization through the Telethon.

For further information, go to the site of AFM-Telethon and don’t hesitate to support its actions.



UNICEF, present in 190 countries and territories, has been fighting for seventy years now for the rights of all children. UNICEF has a conviction: All children have the right to survive, to develop and to achieve their full potential, to build a better world. Its actions thus aim to remove the obstacles in children’s path including poverty, violence, illness and discrimination. UNICEF fights for the respecting of the rights of children seeking a safe haven, food, protection from catastrophes and conflicts, and equality.
For further information, consult the actions of UNICEF and discover how to act.