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Let's cook outside - en

Let's cook outside Plancha & Grill’ Pierre®

Let's enjoy sunny days and spend some great time together around a plancha or a Grill ’Pierre®! Meat, fish, vegetables, seafood... Recipes are endless!

Compressor - en

Compressor Ice Cream Maker

The Glaces Pro ice turbine can satisfy your sweet tooth, or even your salty or savoury tooth, in just minutes! Equipped with a standalone chiller, it can transform your ingredients into delicious ice creams and sorbets in just 30 minutes, with no need for a freezer!


A french company devoted to innovation

Since its foundation in Lyon in 1955, our family-owned company has successfully stayed true to its traditions and know-how to grow and become a specialist in convivial cooking and homemade foods.

From inventing the first electric waffle maker with interchangeable plates to specializing in homemade foods.

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14 avril 2020


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Mini donuts

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