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Lagrange - Spécialiste du Petit Électoménager convivial depuis 1955

Organic ferments - en

Organic ferments for stirred plain yogurts

Our new organic ferments for stirred natural yogurts are available ! This is the opportunity to discover or redicover the delicious taste of homemade yogurts !

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Yogurt-cheese Maker - en

Yogurt-cheese Maker Delicious homemade yogurt & cheese

The "2 in 1" multifunction yogurt-cheese maker is dedicated to dairy products. It allows you to make yogurts, drinking yogurts but also home-made fromage frais and cottage cheese.

Pâtes Créativ' ® - en

Pâtes Créativ' ® Homemade pasta

Efficient, silent and fast, Pates Creativ' is up to the task of preparing quality, fresh home made pasta in less than 10 minutes.

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What's new at Lagrange?

It’s september!

Let's rediscover the joy of simple pleasures and especially homemade meals!
Plain or flavored yogurts, fresh cheeses… Let’s enjoy milk desserts!

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Yaourt velouté au coco

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Yogurt-Cheese Maker Ligne

Homemade cooking

85.00 €

Frais de port offerts dès 50€ d'achat

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Yogurt-Cheese Maker Ligne - en

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Une garantie de 3 ans sur vos produits

Pour vous remercier de votre fidélité, Lagrange est heureux de vous offrir une troisième année de garantie sur simple inscription sur notre site Internet.

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Gaufres de papate douce

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Fromage ail et fines herbes

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Galette des Rois maison

  • 5
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Granola Maison

  • Difficulty
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A french company devoted to innovation

Since its foundation in Lyon in 1955, our family-owned company has successfully stayed true to its traditions and know-how to grow and become a specialist in convivial cooking and homemade foods.

From inventing the first electric waffle maker with interchangeable plates to specializing in homemade foods.

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