Barbapapa® Cotton Candy Maker


Easy to use, the Barbapapa Cotton Candy Maker makes at-home mini candy floss!

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Efficient: quartz elements make for quick and even heating

Easy maintenance: removable parts, easy to clean

For a special dessert or party treat, this fun and easy-to-use machine is a sure way to delight your youngest food critics. Equipped with 10 cones, measuring spoon and flavoured sugar (vanilla, strawberry, raspberry or even cola <sold separately>) the Barbapapa Cotton Candy maker promises to make your afternoon festivities sweet and memorable. Cleverly designed with suction cup feet, the machine remains stable during creation. Detachable parts made for an easy clean up!

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Caractéristiques techniques

  • Removable centrifuge
  • Measuring spoon for sugar
  • Quartz heating elements
  • On/off button with display light
  • 10 special cotton candy cones
  • Thermoplastic tank and pedestal
  • Plastic suction cup feet on bottom
  • Puissance : 400 Watts