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Appareil à 4 croque-monsieur Croq'y 4


More generosity with the 4-piece toasted sandwich maker Croq’y 4. The Croq’y 4 offers the possibility to cook 4 toasted sandwich at a time in order to satisfy the entire family !

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80,00 €

Delivery time :72 hours

Points of sale Lagrange

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Product description

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Generous : cook 4 toasted sandwiches at a time

Smart : integrated electronic board with indicator lights and sound signal

Convenient : prominent handle, locking clip, vertical storage and built-in cord storage


Generous, the Croq’y 4 allows to prepare 4 toasted sandwiches at a time, in less than 3 minutes. Its big capacity of cooking makes it essential for toasted sandwiches nights with your family.

Expert device

With its -stick coating aluminum plates and the additional time option, you will be able to cook according to your own tastes. Indicator lights and sound signal make its use very easy.

Appareil à 4 croque-monsieur Croq'y 4 - en

Personalized cooking settings thanks to the indicator lights, the sound signal and the option for additional time.

Lagrange design plates for perfectly sealed toasted sandwiches

A prominent handle, a locking clip and built-in cord storage

Technical characteristics

  • 4 toasted sandwiches 120 x 120
  • Non-stick double-tier plates of Lagrange design
  • Integrated electronic board
  • Indicator light and sound signal
  • Option for additional time
  • Thermosetting cover
  • Power: 1800 W
  • Puissance : 1800 Watts

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Appareil très puissant

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