Curry Shrimp à la Plancha

Curry Shrimp à la Plancha


    • Shrimp (as much as you want ...)

    • Curry (estimate a tablespoon of curry for 500g of shrimp)

    • Olive oil

    • Garlic

    • Salt

    • pepper

    • Add other spices, such as basil, rosemary or coriander, as you wish.


    To begin

    To enjoy the first warm spring evenings on your terrace, you need your plancha, a few shrimp and friends for the tasting!

    Marinate shrimp two to three hours before cooking in olive oil, minced garlic and curry.


    Season and leave your preparation in the refrigerator.

    It's ready to cook! Basil, coriander or rosemary give your recipe a colorful note.

    Try with the appliances



    Cooking with the Plancha assures a natural and healthy approach to prepare your food, and makes...

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