Iced Coffee

(recipe for 2 people)

Iced Coffee


    • 15 cl of coffee
    • 2 teaspoons of powdered sugar
    • 30 cl of milk
    • Ice cubes


    To begin

    After preparing coffee in your Naos coffeemaker, pour it into your Lagrange Blender and add sugar and milk.

    Select "Mix" mode blender and switch on the device.


    Add crushed ice that you have previously prepared with the "Ice" mode of your Lagrange blender.

    If necessary, put your preparation in the refrigerator for a good iced coffee!

    Try with the appliances

    Naos Coffeemaker

    Naos Coffeemaker

    The programmable coffee maker lets you enjoy your coffee as soon as you wake up. With the 24 hour...

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