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Local Raclette

(recipe for 4 people)

Local Raclette


    • 850 grams of raclette cheese (the more, the better!)
    • 12 potatoes (in case of leftovers, put them in a salad the next day)
    • 20 slices of cured meats: Savoie ham, cured ham, Rosette de Lyon, Graubünden, coppa (use any kind of cured meats you like!)
    • Pickles and onions
    • Salt and Pepper


    To begin

    Once washed, boil or steam potatoes with skin on.

    Meanwhile, put your Lagrange Raclette Transparence® on the table.


    Dress plates with raclette cheese slices, sausages, pickles and onions.

    Drain the cooked potatoes and put in a dish with a little water at the bottom to prevent sticking. Put the dish on your raclette machine to keep the potatoes warm.

    It's ready! Enjoy this easy meal with friends, family and a dry white wine!

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