Tips and tricks Lagrange

Tips and tricks

An egg in the fondue pot: Great Eggspectations!

Raclette & Fondue sets

Is the fondue pot almost empty? How do you make the most of the ooey-gooey cheese left at the bottom? This trick is truly eggceptional! Crack an egg into the pot and stir into the cheese, adding all the leftover bits of bread until everything holds together (kind of like a cheesy French toast)! A rousing encore that's sure to please.

Winemaker's Fondue: A real melting pot!

Raclette & Fondue sets

A truly surprising twist on a classic, this fondue uses cinnamon, coriander and cloves simmered in a bath of Alsatian wine. For the meat, favour chicken breast or veal cutlets, and let them cook slowly and luxuriously. Different, subtle, refined, unique!

Forester's Fondue: a feast!

Raclette & Fondue sets

Using the same ingredients as for a cheese fondue, mix in dried mushrooms to add a savory flavor that's sure to please!

Add more flavor to your cheese fondue

Raclette & Fondue sets

Add a spoonful of mustard to your kirsch to turn up the flavor and add a little zing to your fondue. With Lagrange, there's never a dull dish or a dull moment.