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A Brief History of Ice Cream

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The first origins of ice cream date back to ancient China, where it was discovered by Marco Polo and brought to Europe. The Italians adopted it as their own, developing the "gelati" that we know today. The first American ice cream sundae was invented in 1892, and the famous ice cream cone came about in 1904, invented by a Syrian at the World's Fair. The best ice cream is always homemade, but the original home can still be found in Casa Giolitti in Rome.

What's the secret to firm ice cream?

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If your ice cream isn't holding its shape follow these tips: It is essential to leave your mixture to chill as long as possible (refrigerate for several hours) and to have to good ice cream maker or sorbet maker...luckily Lagrange has both!

Dress up your ice cream with dried fruit and flowers

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If you're making a pear sorbet, keep a few slices of the fruit and put in your Nutris food dehydrator. Use the dried slices to garnish your sorbet for a professional touch! You can also dry flower petals for a bucolic effect. Dessert just got dressy!

How to make homemade ice cream cones?

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Use your waffle maker to make thin waffles, once cooked remove and roll them into a cone shape while still warm. Let sit, and the waffle will harden into the perfect seat for your favorite scoop!