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Reblochon Melt

(recipe for 4 people)

Reblochon Melt


  • 1 kg of potatoes (peeled, chopped, and boiled in water)
  • 2 wheels of Reblochon (Savoy)
  • 4 large slices of smoked bacon, grilled beforehand
  • 2 onions, browned
  • Freshly ground pepper


The idea is the same as traditional Raclette, it's only the cheese that changes.
Here we use Reblochon, but you can also try with Camembert. Original and very tasty. Place cheese in Raclette Evolution® skillet until melted, pour over potatoes, bacon, and onions. Melt ...grill ... and taste after a few grinds of pepper!

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Evolution® Raclette Maker

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Appareil parfait ! très pratique d'utilisation

le 18 JANVIER 2020

avec les petits poêlons ou avec grands poêlons, très pratique !
Chauffe vite. Un raclette/party géniale avec nos Invités