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Guilt-free Raclette

(recipe for 4 people)

Guilt-free Raclette


    • 600g of raclette cheese lightened to 12% fat (enjoy raclette without the guilt!)
    • To replace potatoes: mushrooms, minced celery root, spinach, sliced zucchini, etc.
    • 16 slices of: ham, chicken breast, Graubünden, bacon, pickles and onions (for some crunch)
    • Salt and pepper


    To begin

    Because it is still possible to eat raclette when we're watching our figure!

    When your vegetables are washed and sliced thinly, place your Lagrange raclette device on the table (sure to be the highlight of the evening).

    Dress plates with raclette cheese slices, sausages, raw vegetables and pickles and onions (beautiful presentation required!).


    grill your bacon and slices of zucchini on top of your Raclette 6 Vitro 'Grill®.

    You are now ready to enjoy an evening of fun with friends and family!

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