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This is not only a blender!

Cocktails, smoothies, soups, mashed potatoes, crushed ice, freshly brewed coffee... This powerful and efficient blender, with a grinder, helps you in your daily culinary preparations.

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Product description

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Resistant: Blender body and grinder in stainless steel, and bowl in heat-resistant glass which supports temperature differences of 70 ° C.

Powerful:Power of 1200W and 6 blades in stainless steel for optimal results.

Smart: Stainless steel grinder for grinding coffee, nuts and other condiments.

Easy to use: 3 built-in programs and speed adjustment wheel.

Safe: Bowl locks on the base and lids for maximum safety and comfort.

Easy to clean:Fully removable bowl.

A multi-functional blender

Designed to adapt to all preparations, this blender has a useful capacity of 1.5L, a speed adjustment wheel and three integrated programs - manual, crushed ice and juice.

Easy to use, its high power of 1200W and its 6 knives with stainless steel blades guarantee optimal results.


Blender with grinder added

Robust, it consists of a stainless steel body and a heat-resistant glass bowl which supports temperature differences of 70 ° C. Reliable, it is fitted with a bowl locking system on its base and on its lid, as well as suction cups integrated under its base for more stability. Also practical, its bowl is completely removable and can be simply reassembled for easy cleaning.

Smart, it is accompanied by a grinder to make brewed coffee, nuts and other grains, herbs or condiments as healthily as possible.

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Easy to use:

Speed adjustment wheel and 3 integrated programs.


Heat-resistant glass bowl (temperature difference of 70 ° C), body and grain mill made of stainless steel.


Stainless steel grinder for coffee, nuts and other grains.

Technical characteristics

  • Stainless steel body..
  • Capacity 2L gross - 1.5L useful.
  • Heat-resistant glass bowl (70 ° C temperature difference)
  • All stainless steel grinder.
  • Speed adjustment wheel.
  • 3 integrated programs: manual, crushed ice and juice.
  • Safety lock for bowl and lids.
  • Suction cups integrated under the base.
  • Puissance : 1200 Watts

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