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Immersion Heaters


Practical and planet-friendly, this immersion heater heats only the water you need, not a drop less, not a drop more!

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22,00 €


Delivery time :5 working days

Points of sale Lagrange

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Product description

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Ecological: only heat the water you need, no waste!

Practical: heats water directly in the container

Compact: takes up very little space and can be taken anywhere!

The immersion heater is a practical and quick way to heat water directly in its container. No waste, just put your immersion heater in your water receptacle and heat what you need! Its burner is cleverly covered by a safety ring, avoid direct contact with the container.

Technical characteristics

Safety ring, avoiding direct contact with the burner

Reinforced burner

  • Puissance : 1000 Watts

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