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Classic Vanilla Ice Cream

Classic Vanilla Ice Cream


    • 10 medium egg yolks
    • 200 g of sugar
    • 1 pod of vanilla (Madagascar vanilla is the best!)
    • 1 liter of milk (whole is best)


    To begin

    To prepare the ingredients: Cut the vanilla pod in half to remove small grains inside (cut lengthwise) and separate yolks from egg whites.

    Boil the milk with the vanilla, whisk the egg yolks with the sugar to get a foamy mixture.

    Mix in the same container and continue stirring.

    Transfer this beautiful custard into the pan over very low heat.


    Stir constantly to avoid stick, coagulating or worse...lumps!.

    When all is done (remove your wooden spoon of the mixture, it should coat your spoon), let cool in the refrigerator.

    Pour into your Lagrange Ice Turbine Pro or Ice Créativ'® and leave to freeze for about 30 minutes.

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