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Yogurt To Go Cups

Pots with two compartments in lively colours so you can take a healthy snack with you on your travels.

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Product description

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Convenient: two-compartment glass pots sold in pairs with separate storage for muesli, syrup, compote, seeds or honey. Ideal if you want to take a snack with you to eat on the go: simply mix the contents of the lid with the yogurt. A small spoon is provided to mix in the extra ingredients and eat your yogurt.

Easy to use: the two glass pots are compatible with other Lagrange yogurt pots and can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand.

Available with silicon bands in 3 colour combinations: Lemon & Celestial (yellow and blue), Grapefruit & Chlorophyll (coral and green), Praline and Curacao (pink and sky blue).

Made in France

Pots with two compartments in lively colours so you can take a healthy snack with you on your travels. The top compartment screws onto the glass jars provided with our yogurt makers, so you can add flavourings such as jam, compote, honey, or muesli.


The cleverly designed lid-compartment screws onto a glass yoghurt pot and can be filled with whatever ingredients you like, such as muesli, syrup, seeds, compote or honey. Ideal for when you want to take a snack to eat on the go.

Just mix the yogurt with the ingredients in the lid using the little spoon that is provided. Sold in pairs, these lid-compartments fit all Lagrange yogurt pots. They come with a brightly coloured silicon ring which holds a small spoon.


Available in lemon & celestial, grapefruit & chlorophyll, or pink praline & curacao... take these clever little pots to the office for a cool-looking snack!

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Technical characteristics

  • 2 yogurt to go cups with separate compartments
  • Small spoon included

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