Crêpière Tradi' ®


A cast aluminum plate, anti-stick coating, and an adjustable thermostat make this Lagrange crêpe maker an easy and efficient way to make excellent crêpes.

Savory or sweet, make crêpes of any size for any tastes!

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Perfect results: cast aluminum plates, anti-stick coating, adjustable temperature settings.

Easy to clean: removable plates and trowel rinser.

Ideal for making large quantities of crêpes in advance, the Crêpière Tradi' is up to the challenge!

Inspired by traditional Breton crêpe makers, it comes with a spatula and batter trowel, tools you need to make perfect crêpes, every time. The kit also comes with a trowel rinser and spatula holder for no fuss and no mess.

Assembled in France, and equipped with an adjustable temperature setting, the Crêpière Tradi' guarantees excellent performance and easy use. Wooden handles are the final touch to make the Crêpière Tradi' an elegant addition to any kitchen.

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Caractéristiques techniques

  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • 1 large crêpe plate (ø35 cm) thick and removable, cast aluminum non-stick coating
  • Large wooden handles.
  • Stainless steel band.
  • Thermoplastic base.
  • Spatula and wooden batter trowel.
  • Removable trowel rinser and spatula holder
  • Removable cord of 2 meters.
  • Anti-slip pads.
  • Puissance : 1400

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